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OUC200 Series Black Oxidized Ball Bearing Insert has a property that contains black oxide and specific characteristics that makes it ideal for certain applications. As for appearance it is used to add mild corrosion resistance. Black oxide consists of a coating for ferrous materials like copper and any copper based alloys, powdered metals, zinc, and silver solder. 
Conversion coating is formed by a chemical reaction produced when parts are immersed in the alkaline aqueous salt solution operated at 285 degrees F.
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55MM Insert Bearings OUC211-55MM
55MM Insert Bearings OUC211-55MM
: $47.96
2-1/4'' Insert Bearings OUC212-36
: $95.96
2 7/16
2 7/16'' Insert Bearings OUC212-39
: $71.98
60MM Insert Bearings OUC212-60MM
60MM Insert Bearings OUC212-60MM
: $95.96
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